tractor and disc

tractor and disc

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to Back Acre Food Plots!

     Hello Everyone,     My name is Justin Bryant and I've started this blog so that you can follow me in my travels establishing food plots.   You might even wonder what a food plot actually is.  A food plot is a space of any size where you produce food and habitat for all types of wildlife.  You would truly be amazed at how big of a difference a food plot can make on any size property. 

     I grew up on a farm south west of Murfreesboro,  in the small community of Rockvale.  It was always a treat for me as a child to see wildlife on our farm.  As I grew older and became more interested in hunting and fishing, I began to pay more attention to where I saw game located at.  While our farm consisted mostly of  row crops, we still only saw a few deer here and there and once the crops were harvested they seemed to vanish.   It seemed to me if we could keep food sources year round, we would see and attract more game.

     While in college, as a plant and soil science major, I was able to take many classes relating to soil, forage crop production, grain production, forestery and Wildlife management.  Over the years I have taken corners of the farm that are out of production, and used them to produce small grains, corn, beans, sunflowers and the like to see and attract more willdlife.  While the landscape of our farm has changed alot over the last 20 years,  I am proud to say that now it is not uncommon to see lots of deer, turkey, quail, and other small game
roaming the farm.  I truly believe that by adding food sources and leaving them for game to use as food and cover, is the best move a land owner can make!

     It occured to me one day that other hunters and outdoorsmen could use a service to help them establish food plots to attract more game.  I hope that you will check back often as I am going to try to post pictures of the different farms and properties that I work at so that we can share thoughts and ideas on creating great food sources and habitat. 



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