tractor and disc

tractor and disc

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Calee's 4H Plot- Food and Cover Establishment

     My daughter Calee is in 5th grade now, and one of her 4H projects this past year was the FACE contest.  FACE stands for food and cover establishment.  We met with the county 4H agent and an offical from the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency who explained the guidelines.  Calee picked out the spot, measured its size, took soil samples and collected the seeds we would be planting.  After getting the results back of our soil test, we started breaking ground, and working our fertilizer into the soil.   Once we had the seed bed prepared Calee broadcasted our seed mix,  a mixture of native forbs, corn, millet, sunflowers, and soybeans onto the soil.  She then packed them using a old chain link gate just to give the seed and soil better contact.   All growing season she kept records and photos of how the plot was growing and then constructed a presentation for the county 4H fair.  Calee ended up taking 1st place in the contest and won a best of show ribbon.  It was a very productive project and she did a wonderful job.  Both of us look forward to watching wild game in the plot this fall and winter. 

P.S---I was asked what CRP stood for?  Conservation Reserve Program a land rental program by the government that converts crop land  into native grasses to prevent soil erosion and enhances water supplies with ground water recharge.  CRP can be native grasses, grass filter strips, wind breaks and such.

P.S.S.--- Calee wanted me to be sure and let you know to feed the fish on the left side of the screen .  They
get really hungry!!

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