tractor and disc

tractor and disc

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Food Plots on a Grand Scale

      For about 4 years I had the opportunity to hunt my father in law's ranch in South Dakota.  For a farm boy from Middle Tennessee to step off a plane to see thousand's upon thousands of acres of CRP and crop land was truly amazing.  It was unlike any place I been before!   While you would think that a food plot would be useless in a area where corn fields are sometimes a square mile or bigger,   I observed how Walt took this ranch and transformed it into a mecca for wildlife.   By adding acres of CRP, planting corn and millet food plots and leaving them standing  for deer, turkey, and pheasants to use as a food source and cover in the harsh winter months, it increased our odds of taking and seeing more game.  In 2009, I was able to go out with Walt and our friend Scott to prepare and plant the corn food plots for the up coming season.  It was exciting to say the least and it was a great feeling to know that all our our hard work made for a great pheasant harvest, and a great deer season.    Here are a few shots of our huge food plots. 

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