tractor and disc

tractor and disc

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chester Co. TN--Spring Plots 2012

This farm belongs to another TNDEER member, whom Ive gotten to do alot of plotting work for.  This is our second year, and we have had some ups and downs, but we are getting a handle on what works!

Just as an update, our fall plots are looking great!!! I could not be more pleased with the results!  What we have here is  Whitetail Inst. Clover-Chicory Mix, that we topdressed with my fall mix of Winter Wheat, Oats, and Austrian Winter Peas.
In the above picture, you can see what a great stand we had!!! A perfect cover crop for our clover!!!

In this area that we worked down, we are planting WI PowerPlant.  It consist of Soybeans, Sorghum, Sunflowers, and Iron Clay Peas.  I am looking foward to seeing how it turns out!!

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