tractor and disc

tractor and disc

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boy, times flies!!!

Where has the time gone???  It seems only yesterday that I was wishing you a Happy New Year, and here it is now Mid April!!!  

What a crazy 2012 it has been!  Little to no winter, and now a early spring that has farmers putting seed in the ground a month ahead of schedule.

While I was ready to get started plotting here at my farm, I fought the urge too, and it was a good decision as we had a couple of hard frost last week.

I do have some spraying done here at home, and hope to get some plots going this weekend.

Also have a Power Plant Plot ready to go in Chester County, TN and I think we are going to get some Eagle Seed Forage Beans in the ground in Perry County, TN this week as well!

Let get out there and get our hands dirty!

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