tractor and disc

tractor and disc

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring is upon us!!!!

     The groundhog has spoken, and its almost that time to start breaking ground (or spraying ground!)!  

It is the time to implement the 6 P's.  Proper Planning Prevents Poor Plotting Performance!!!

I cant stress enough about getting all your ideas rounded up and putting them into action as soon as possible.  Now is the time to get those soil test done. Now is the time to get that equipment looked over and maintenced!  Now is the time to get those last fruit trees in the ground. 

While it sounds like a lot of work, its what you and I live for .  I heard one time that there is no off season, and nothing could be more true.   Just imaging hunting doves over that beautiful sunflower field, or hunting deer over that standing corn.  Those days make it all worth the blood, sweat and tears, and cash!!!

Let's head to the shop and get started checking stuff out, and Ill see you in the field!!


  1. Justin...How do I contact you? I have several plots that i need help with. I could locate your number....Please post your contact info....THX