tractor and disc

tractor and disc

Monday, September 17, 2012

Big Kentucky Job!!!

Lewisberg, KY---  I don't mind telling you that this job worked me over!!!  It was my biggest job to date and probably bigger than all my other ones put together!!  It all started back in early August when I was invited up to Lewisberg, Ky to visit the lease of a group of guys from the Nashville area.   Don't let  anyone fool you, this area is home to some giant deer, which goes hand in hand with the habitat and the food sources in the area. 

The lease consist of 1600 acres, 800 of which was put into shallow water inpoundments and converted back to native wetlands and prairie.  The other 800 acres are nice mature hardwood ridges and hollows which makes for an awesome all around package!!! 

We came  in and decided on installing about 18 acres worth of plots, ranging from .25 acres to 4.5 acres each.  We used the Fall mix on most, but also had 4 different plots that had some established clover, so we reseeded those in a perennial mix along with lime and fertilizer.  Around every corner of this farm was another awesome stand, or land feature that would make any hunter jump at a chance to hunt it.  While I didn't get as many picture as I would have liked too, I hope you can enjoy these.

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