tractor and disc

tractor and disc

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program-Rutherford Co.

This was a very unique project that we kind of stumbled into.  I say we, as my father and I also have a construction/excavating company, and this customer had been approved to clear 7 acres of forest for wildlife food plots.  So after we started clearing, I made plans with the landowner and our local NRCS agent on what we would be planting.  Since this project was started in the later part of the spring, and our spring was one of the wettest on record, we had several delays on getting it sowed down.  We decided that a annual cover crop of Mancan Buckwheat would be sowed and left to stand till fall when we could work the ground again and sow a clover mixture.  Here are some shots of the clearing process, the prep of the soil and the planting of the Buckwheat.

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